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All products are manufactured in Riviera Beach, Florida, by RGF Environmental Group, Inc. Clean Science is a Licensed brand and distributor of RGF Environmental Group Inc’s technologies.

Please contact usto schedule an in person appointment, so we can give you a quote. Each product is less than $.20 a sq ft, and we offer various installation packages, as well as service options to meet your needs.

We assess the fan schedule in your building to determine the number of units required to service the square footage you have. We’ll need a brief description of the uses for the space to determine the best products and necessary power. We also look at the physical HVAC structures to assess what size products will fit within those units, and what type of installation work will be required.

We offer three installation packages to serve your needs. Our Basic package includes installation consulting, to support your team to install the units. The Professional package includes consulting and research to mark the location within your HVAC to place the units to set your team up for success. Our Premium package includes complete end to end installation, where we take care of it for you. The same applies for electrical set-up. Contact us with any questions about installation.

They’re placed on the supply side near the source to filter fresh, inlet air.

Little maintenance is required for these products— there will occasionally be the need to order and replace bulbs that go out, or a capacitor that goes out. The lifespan of a typical bulb is approximately 36 months if left running continuously. We replace any broken or damaged products within the window of warranty. 

They come in various sizes and designs depending on the technology you purchase, and the size you need for the size of your building and it’s infrastructure.

We’ll have the units delivered within 2 to 4 weeks depending on availability. Then, we  install about 3-4 units per day. Depending on the number of units required, it can take as short as one day to install, and up to a few weeks. If you’d like an expedited install, we can offer that at additional cost.

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